Jackles the Scarecrow

Hi friends! 
Meet Jackles….this is an OC of mine I bring into the haunt season. He’s a cute little thing…if you can get past the rabies. Watcher of the field, protector of the Hollows, just don’t mess with his doll Timmy and you’ll live to see tomorrow. I made this lovely guy out of wiring, burlap, polymorph plastic, some blood, and liquid latex. It was about a 2 day process. I airbrushed all of the details onto the burlap so it would be more pigmented. The back of the mask is laced up so it ties in similar into lacing a corset. Underneath the burlap I created a prosthetic to lay it on. Mixing flour and latex I molded a prosthetic following the anatomy of a skull  so it would sit tight to my facial features. One of my favorite pieces I’ve created to date. 
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