Lord Atrocitus (DC Comics) by TrisRex Studio

My 10th character on my 33rd birthday right on time for Halloween. I took a lot of inspiration from Bernard Beneteau's design from Injustice 2 (2017') and mixed it with his more creature like look in the comic to make him fit my universe. He was easily the hardest and biggest build yet standing at 7 feet with platforms. This project forced me to use all fabrication techniques I've learned previously as well as new techniques learned from the SWC fabrication and sculpting courses. 

Character: Atrocitus (Red Lantern) 
Theme: Rage

See video here!

Highlight Products
  • Paint: plaidfx
  • Eva Foam: sksprops
  • Foam Clay: cosplay_apprentice
  • Tools: cos_tools
Fabrication Methods
  • Head sculpted with foam clay using an EVA base. 
  • Eyes made with transparent acrylic sheets. 
  • Light FX done with LED puck lights. 
  • Body (shoulder, chest, arms, legs, boots) fabricated with EVA foam and detailed using with soldering Iron. 
  • Hands sculpted with foam clay using an EVA base. 
  • Blood FX made with gorilla glue and E6000. 
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