Long John Zilla

Here's my entry for the Halloween Costume Contest! Long John Zilla, a mix of Long John Silver from Treasure Island and Godzilla.
I made 99% of this except the hat (which I DID modify) and the sword.
The mask I made by sclupting it out of WED clay, making a Plaster Mold, then casting in Liquid Latex (Monster Makers) I then painted it and cut out the Mouth which was covered with a mesh plastic that I got at Joanns. The Suit is one piece that I Tailored myself. The belly was achieved but threading a plastic tube through the waist. The Spikes and Tail were fabricated using upholstry foam and Liquid Latex. The gloves, Boot and peg leg were fabricated as well. I made the crutch with 2 wooden dowels and wood stain.
It went through some tweaks along the way. The original outfit had big Godzilla feet and Claws that I could barely walk in and pick things up. They were changed for practicality. Did I mention this is my FIRST costume I ever made? Usually I build puppets and this WAS a challenge. Overall I'm proud of myself for building such a ridiculous concept for a Kaiju Monster.

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