Rynyx - Experiment 18

Experiment 18 is a proposed 3rd person action role playing video game set in the near future: the year 2075.  I am developing the game in conjunction with a writer, Blaise Jones.  We are creating a rich and engaging universe filled with various alien species and technologies.

The Rynyx evolved on one of the harshest planets in the galaxy that still bears life.  Because of this they have evolved two unique ways to survive.  The first being that they are exceedingly tough.  Thick hides of layered, keratinized plates protect them from the scorching winds, searing heats, and high levels of atmospheric radiation of their planet.

The other adaptation the Rynyx developed was an emerging subterranean nature.  The conditions on the surface of their planet have been steadily deteriorating over the passing millennia, so much so that even the Rynyx have been forced underground in a mass event known throughout their culture as The Submergence.  Though this is a relatively recent development in their evolutionary history.  Already they are beginning to show morphological changes.

Their eyes have become highly reduced, and recent generations have begun seeing individuals born without eyes.  Effectively, the species is blind.  Instead the Rynyx navigate through vibro-sensation, and thus are covered in thick bristles of hair that can sense the slightest vibrations in both the ground and air.


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