Looking For a Goat Mask

I was brought on as SFX Supervisor for an upcoming low budget horror film, which is a first for me! I've dabbled in FX forever and helped out on a few films in the past, but this is super exciting!

There's a cult scene in the film, and the cult leader is supposed to be wearing a realistic goat head mask. I learned a few days ago we lost this item -- the shoot is in a week, and I definitely don't have the time or skills to make my own. Is there any chance someone has created one for another production and would be interested in renting it to us? Or have any leads on how to source this?


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    I can't think of anywhere you could find one on such short notice.  Even though you might be able to find an artist making them on a site like Etsy, the chances of getting it delivered by the shoot would be slim.  I'm not familiar with the NY area, but you could reach out to local theater companies to see if they have any leads.  Theater prop folks are very resourceful.

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