My halloween costume submission is my original design inspired by 80's retro dystopian villains like the character ‘Mean Machine Angel’ from Danny Cannon’s 1995 film Judge Dredd.

"A bionic bruiser, operating within the nefarious criminal underbelly of 2092 dystopia, 'The Cyborg Henchman' represents a character pulled from the screen of diesel-punk fiction. The hotheaded henchman loyal to the ruling mob boss exacts punishment to those deemed guilty by virtue or personal satisfaction. He carries with him the visible effects of a job-gone -wrong under a hard exterior of screws, vents and cold burnished steel which help control the infection. Since the incident, his voiceless presence only makes his patience shorter when dealing with his victims, revealing his disfigurement only to those paying him for his services."

Having initially fleshed out the character through drawn concept design, I later 3D scanned my model and proceeded to sculpt the mask in Chavant Medium clay on my fibreglass bust. Before moulding I 3D scanned my clay sculpture to design the cyborg attachments in ZBrush, utilising Boolean meshes to make my pieces fit perfectly to the mask using embedded magnets. These parts were later 3D printed in resin. I created a 3-part fibreglass mould and ran my mask in silicone which was finally painted along with the four resin pieces. 

This mask was the final project of my Masters Degree at Falmouth University with Neill Gorton.

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