Sculpting Again....

Hi, I'm Darren from the UK. I have a long life passion for movies and special effects, and spent my childhood creating models, sculptures and little films. After a decade or so in the digital world I'm turning back to my roots and starting to sculpt in my spare time again. Here's a few that I've recently sketched out and would welcome any feedback : )

I've also posted a few close ups in the contest forum if you would like to see more.



Many thanks for looking. It's great fun and inspiring to see everyone else's work on here.



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    Just wanted to say, the guy on the left was from the initial concepts for the Galaxy Quest Thermian from the Stan Winston Book : )
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    Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing!

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    Looking cool to me. I like Frankenstein's monster the best.
    What are the eyes on the Cthulhu? Are they painted or some bead?
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    Thanks Jeff, appreciate it. The eyes are ball bearings in all the creatures apart from ceramic ones in the Nosferatu/Vampire. I seem to find ball bearings are best to hold in place and are easy to wipe clear, and of course bake well : )
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    Ah.. I was using glass bead push pens when the local store carried them. Now I have to find an alternative. I'll probably just pre-bake and paint some sculpey to start.
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    Good idea, at least you can control what size you need. Advantage of the glass and metal though is that can easily be wiped and cleaned at the end of modelling.
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    cool sculptures Darren!
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