Merciless Batman from Dark Knight Metal (comic series)

The armor is made from sks props eva foam and tnt cosplay supply eva dowels. The helmet, sword, gauntlets and small detail pieces are 3d printed (printed in pla plastic). Inside the helmet, there's red led panels for the eyes and 2 blower fans pointed down to the lenses to help defog them. The texture on the chest and a little on the shoulders, and shins was done by hand. Used a dremel with an acorn grinding bit to achieve a hammered steel look. For the paint I plastidipped the armor to seal the foam then I went over with a gloss black to help the metallic turquoise stand out. (Used rustoleum spray paint) Then I used my airbrush to contour and for shadows. Also, this was the first cosplay that I actually worked with fabric. I used faux 2 inch long fur from Amazon for the fur pelt and a alligator textured velvet for the loin cloth. This cosplay took about 5 and a half months to make, from beginning of January to the middle of June.


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