Is this the Original Barge Formula?

So I've been having issues with large. I watched the DVD on how to make a special effects corpse and have been trying to replicate his use of spider webbing with barge contacts in it. I bought the gallon on the left a few weeks ago and was not able to get the spider web technique or at least it didn't work that well.

I read on the forms that barge change their formula to VOC free and you want the original yellow and red container. I bought the can on the right on eBay which claimed was the barge original formula via messageing , when It got here it looks exactly the same.

Before I open the new containers and try it. And want to know if anyone has used this and had success with the "spider web" technique from a can that looks like this, and maybe I was just using it wrong the first time. Does this look like the original formula?


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    You are right about the can color looking off.  I'm used to the bright yellow and red version.  Normally color variation in their cans means it's a different formula, but in this case, I can't find any info about it.  I looked up images that show the back of one of the tan cans and it looks like the regular formula's ingredients to me.   Even the "Improved Formula" text is on all their older cans.  Maybe they are updating their branding?  Very strange!

    Not sure why you are unable to get the desired result out of it though.

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    Thank you. I'll try and modify my technique a little bit more.
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