What's On Your Workbench? (Fall 2021)

We love seeing current projects from our community members.  Sharing your work on our forums not only gets your work seen by a large audience but also motivates and inspires other artists.  We may even feature some of your projects on our social media!
You can either share images and videos below as comments on this discussion or post your own discussion with your work.  So don't be shy, show us what you've got!

What's On Your Workbench?


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    Hi everyone! This is my first sculpt of this size and I made loads of mistakes leading up to the end result. You can see the cracks from over baking haha I just decided to lean into them. Still working on the paint but it's mostly done.

    Inspiration: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

    Materials: Super sculpey for the arm/hand. The bulk of the base is some cheap air dry clay for the weight and the fake dirt is a mix of air dry clay that I rolled flat and crumbled once dry into gravel, dry real dirt I bagged in a local park and black paint. The combination was then mixed with 2 part epoxy adhesive so it would harden.
    Painted with acrylics.

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    New student, Maiden muffin.  Thanks for the great instruction BJ...

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    1. Hello community! Here are two projects of mine on the bench. Both are life size. The polystyrene sculpt is of a Predator skull that I will hopefully mount as a trophy. I’m pretty new to sculpting. Reductive sculpting feels way harder than the additive technique. I’ve learnt heaps here from the videos and having so much fun!
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    edited October 2021
    This is my latest project, Rex: 22 foot, 4 man, fire breathing, wing flapping, T Rex inspired villain of our latest show at Logos Theatre. Obviously he doesn't really fit "on" the workbench, but.... you know....
    Hopefully I can get around to making a full post of this guy in the halloween contest and have some cool photos and videos for those of you who are interested. 
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    I SO love this!!
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    Here I’ve sculpted Gamora in WED clay and applied some sweet Guardians love!! My first mask and I so excited w the results.Thanks to the Stan Winston school for teaching me so much!
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    I had to make both sisters ! They make me so happy !  On my table right now is Yondu 😅
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    Nothing ground breaking. Just exploring my capabilities. 

    My Wolfman and POTA Mask.

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