How do you 3D scan an sculture?

Hi what metods can we use to scane our proyects so we can scale them or use them in digital? are there difentrent kinds of programs? in that case wich one is the best and is there any considerations we need to know to aboid problems of any kind?
Thanks in advance


  • Hi Andrew,

    The most accurate method is with a laser scanner, which can either be a large setup with a revolving turntable or a handheld unit like those made by EinScan.  They are quite expensive though, so many artists use 3rd party scanning services rather than purchasing their own scanner.  You can either go to them or have them bring a mobile scanner to you if your subject can not be moved.

    One method you can do at home is called photogrammetry.  You take a large number of photos of your subject from all angles and feed those photos into an application that can use them to generate a 3D model.  "RealityCapture" is a popular photogrammetry application that is widely used, but there are many others out there to pick from, some free, some more expensive.  The quality of your results can vary quite a bit between applications and you also need to properly prep and light your subject to capture it as best as possible.

  • thank you very much
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