DIY Alcohol Activated Makeup

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In the "How to make prosthetic Transfers" with Christian Tinsley video, he mentions making his own Alcohol Activated Makeup Palette, as the colors he chose would better suit his needs on set. This has me questioning:

This has me questioning: 
1) Are people making their own Alcohol Activated Palettes? If so, this would be incredibly handy to know more, can anyone help?
2) Was he just cutting out the colors he needs from existing palettes and putting them into a blank one?


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    I've never done It myself, but I know some artists will use Skin Illustrator liquid makeup, mix up the color combination they like, and pour it into an empty palette and let it dry out.  Skin Illustrator also has a liquid concentrate that is more ideal for that purpose:  https://www.skinillustrator.com/product/liquid-concentrates/

    The same concept should work with other alcohol-activated makeups.

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