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I am new here and have not yet decided where to go with this. I am artistically challenged but have always been interested in masks, prosphetics and theatrical makeup. The concept of animatronics is also really appealing.

Before I decide to get my feet wet I am after some guidance on where to purchase materials (I am in the UK)  to get started, ideally a one stop shop for this wonderful field as I am not sure at this stage where I want to start. If there are any decent kits available for instance for prosphetic making, mask making, or animatronics that would give you everything you need to make a specific something that would also be a real bonus.

Any pointers and advice greatly appreciated.


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    With special effects using so many materials sourced from different manufacturers and different industries there are no real "one-stop shops" that have everything, but there are some great stores that offer a wide variety of materials we use.

    As far as kits go, there are some makeup kits out there to help get you started building a larger kit, but I don't know of any full project in a single kit type products for special effects.    Usually, artists will pick up an appliance from one place, then makeup from another.  Often sold at the same location, but not as a kit.  If you have a specific project in mind we should be able to help you find the right stuff.

    Here are some vendor options in the UK:
    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Chris
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