Animatronic Third eye

Have anyone here tried to make an animatronic eye that can be mounted on the head ?, cause all the design I found online are to bulky and can't be mounted on the body 


  • Unless the design for the character allows for a bit of depth there to house the mechanism as well as the sphere (or partial sphere) for the eye, there's not too much that can be done.

    If you limit the motion to just up/down or just left/right it may be possible to fake a full eye movement by having a clear shell over the white of the eye with a pupil painted on it, then trim away everything but the pupil and some support tabs that connect to a pivot.  This would allow the pupil to move independently without requiring an entire eye sphere.  Then you could use a thin cable hidden under a prosthetic patch to run to a servo or other device that would not be directly on the head.  The level of precision required would require a lot of skill though.  

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