Smoothing Out Prosthetic Latex Surface?

Hey everybody! I have a question based on latex techniques. I recently made a brow and nose prosthetic for a monster costume. The piece is dry and ready but it left some bumps from the air bubbles. Is there a way to smooth out the bumps on the surface of the latex and how is it done?


  • Foam latex or liquid latex?  You should be able to trim small bumps off, depending on the size and nature of the bumps.  It may also be possible to use sandpaper to lightly wear them down.  But without knowing the type of prosthetic or seeing the bumps it's hard to say how they could be addressed.

  • Liquid latex.
  • You should be able to sand/trim down any small bumps, or brush/stipple on more latex to help even out the surface, but sculpted details may be lost.

  • Okay thanks!
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