Alternative for Crystal Clear

Hi all,
in many videos I see the artists using Krylon Crystal Clear to seal their positives. As that product is very hard to come by in Europe, specifically Germany, I was wondering if you could recommend any alternatives? As far as I understand it, it's just transparent acrylic varnish, isn't it? So any water-based acrylic varnish should work as well, shouldn't it?

Thanks for any tips!



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    Hi Daniel,

    Almost any clear spray paint should work.  That said, each time you try a different brand or formula it's generally a good idea to do a small test to make sure it works well.   That could be as easy as spraying some on the back or underside of your positive to see how well it stays put, then test any other mold-making/casting materials you may need on it to check for inhibition, delamination, etc.

    Anyone have any recommendations for a Krylon Crystal Clear alternative?

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