How to achieve Cast teeth into a silicone bust

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Hi all from the UK,

I have a question about the process of produced a silicone skin bust infilled with polyurethane foam.

I am planning on sculpting the bust and molding it in RTV rubber then casting in silicone back filled with expandable foam but it will have an open mouth with teeth inside...i am trying to get my head around the process of ultimately producing a silicone bust with separately fitted teeth can anyone help out

Many Thanks


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    Hi Chris,

    For attaching teeth it's usually ideal to have a negative socket for them to slide into.  Then you can use silicone adhesive (Like Smooth-On's Sil-Poxy) to help hold them in place.  For some characters, the inner mouth (upper and lower) can be cast as 2 plates to give you more surface area to glue down, but that depends on the design.  You can also make them like dentures.   But placing each tooth into its own pocket works well too.  For human characters, I usually use acrylic denture teeth.

    Since the silicone adhesive is a mechanical bond, it's a good idea to rough up the base of each tooth (below the gum line) so it will have more surface for the adhesive to grab onto.

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