Which Oven Should I buy?

I'm confused about convection, solo, and all that. It looks like convection is the best. Which brand should I choose?


  • I'm assuming you are planning to use the oven for baking foam latex since no context was given.

    If that's the case, the first thing to think of is what size projects you want to be working on, and how large their molds will be.  You'll want an oven large enough to safely fit your molds with room for air to move around and circulate the heat so they bake evenly.  

    Convection is ideal since you want an even temperature.

    As far as brands, that does not really matter.  You don't need any fancy features or anything special for baking foam, so save your money where possible.  A lot of artists build their foam ovens, either to save money, fit larger molds, or both.

  • There are many best ovens. All it depends on your budget.
  • My budget is less than 300$. Which oven is best under this budget?
  • The best one is one that fits your molds and your budget.  You can search around for used ovens on various websites or local groups/organizations to save money, or build your own oven.

  • You can not get much high quality oven. But you can get Empava 24″ wall oven WOC17 oven. It comes under your budget.
  • Thank You for your suggestions
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