Final Homework for Critique

Please post 3-4 pictures of your final project for review. All work MUST be posted by Saturday OCT, 5th at 12:00 am PDT to be assigned a grade for the class. Thanks!
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  • Looks like my pictures will be posted at 11:59pm then LOL
  • Mine is gonna be a couple hours late. Just FYI. This week has been hell for me.
  • Free at last, god almighty we are free at last! I go to bed thankful I don't have to get up and do costume for the first day in 4 weeks. It's been 12 hour days for the last week, maybe two. I've lost count of time. Is it Christmas yet?

    I think he turned out pretty well. The only thing I would have done differently is to sculpt and cast the head in foam latex for more flexibiliy and to have a skull to add mechs or servos to. He's a little more cartoony because of how big his head turned out.

    The arms were so much fun. I feel like a ninja turtle when I put them on and they were so easy to build. I'll be using that technique a lot and the wet foam on those types of peices that don't need a lot of flexibility looks awesome.

    Thanks Ted and Matt for the great opportunity. It was a blast. I'll be sending you the medical bills for sleep deprivation illness. Tom would too but he's got UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. Canadians ..

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    I'll post pictures first then go into explanation as to what works and features etc.
  • More photos- sorry they are taking forever to upload.
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    That is it! Whew! So the body is on a backpack rig attached to a PVC frame and there is also a lower belly part of the body that attaches using fast clips. There is also a PVC that is attached the the top frame that runs across the shoulders and web teathered to the arm extensions. I also can puppeteer the mouth and the head can Velcro off the main body- the head is mounted by bungie on top if the head. The under structure is all spandex- the top shoulders are stitched so you can see the definition. The mouth of the Rhino is cotton wet foamed in then painted to give a precise Rhino mouth. The feet are all burned detail and the head is partial burned and some wet foam Kleenex. The ears have punched hair and the hands have wire so you can pose them. The entire wardrobe has been specifically tailored to fit with a Hawaiian shirt then a labcoat and a apron over the lab coat. Props include a butcher hat, a custom made meat cleaver, and a cigar. Whew done...time to clean up the workshop and sleep. I will still charge you for medical bills incurred by the Canadian government/ people of Canada. :) nice job guys and now to spend time reflecting how awesome this experience was. Thanks everyone!
  • Sorry if the photos are crud- i have high res if you guys need them and a photo gallery in chronological order from first concept to now if needed.
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    Wow, great work guys. Well done!!
    Can I just mention again how I had a week less cos I moved to England!!
    I had to reduce the amount I brought to completion, so I concentrated on the torso and head. 
    I wish I had taken a photo of it all together, but these were literally taken an hour before I left for the airport. There's one showing his hands, they work pretty well, that's my mam in the suit :)
    The work in progress photo just shows the front, I attached the shoulders and upper arms after that. I kept the harness I made and attached a front plate to it to widen the chest. The back and sides were bulked out, and the shoulders and shoulder blades were spandexed, then attached with elastics, then a gusset around them. I wasn't good at stopping for pics.
    I originally said I'd latex the face, but the fur suited the character so perfectly. There's a gap along the mouth for breathing and you can see out a little. There's a few air holes around too. I used latex to stick all the fur on. I left the antlers out of the final shots cos I wasn't happy with the texture.
    I can't wait to go home for xmas to finish his limbs. I can see my mam dressing up in this at night to freak out the neighbours, lol.
    Thanks Ted and everyone for the course. It was a brilliant/insane experience!!
  • Hey Ciara, Awesome work! In the photo of the monster head sitting on a table half covered with fur - I noticed in the reflection (left of the head) in the glass it looks like a white hooded figure- hopefully it was you and if it wasn't then tales are true about the ghost named "The Lady of Fabrication"...she is real! Lol I don't believe in ghosts but thought I'd give you all a bit of a scare. Lol
  • Unbelievable work everyone!!
    I have only these few to show as I keep getting held back by office bureaucracy. White shirt? Dress? Tie, no tie, don't worry about the body, work on a fancy shirt, wait no, we want a tailored shirt... Anyway, it's looking good from their point of view — so happy that that's the reason for the hold up. New ideas how to use him. That, and a marketing presentation that popped up in the middle of last week. Anyway, should be finished next week and shooting starts the Wednesday after. They are most happy with the hands. I don't have a final shot of those as they are in the office locked up till Monday and I neglected a photo before I left. But here is what I have, (yes, those are file clips holding the shirt together during the fitting.)

    I'll post a link to the web commercial as soon as I can.
  • A few more.

    —having trouble uploading...
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    Hey everyone sorry I have been MIA the last few weeks. Sometimes life gives us unexpected challenges and they take priority. I have not been able to do anymore work on my project but I will be starting back soon and I will keep you posted on Facebook. Just wanted to say how great all the projects look, I just hope my work can be just as good. Thanks for all the help and friendship along the way. Thanks Matt and Ted for the wealth of knowledge you have given. You have truly help take my skill set to another level.
  • One from last week.
  • Creepy!! They say she emerges in the early hours of the morning, covered in sheepskin and stinking of ammonia...
    It's me in my fleece, lol. It's cold in that shed, I'm gonna freeze at Christmas.
    I'm locked out of the hangout, dammit.
    Looks great James.
  • Hey guys, my description of my foam process last night was that I wet foamed my mouth-I was way beyond tired last night. What I meant was slip cast latex- I know you guys know all this but wanted to clearify.
  • I hate not being able to bring mine home to work on it at night or weekends... Thanks, Ciara. Yours is amazing!
  • So...I wasn't able to finish, but of course I still plan to. College education and extra-curricular FX activities apparently don't mix well for me. So here's what I got. I don't have an arm or leg sleeves because those are concealed by pants and a lab coat. But I'll have to makeshift pieces to fill those areas out more. I wanna thank everyone for this awesome experience, no words can express how thankful I am for this. I'm super excited that I got to meet a whole new field of people in that work the same medium. You guys are all one of a kind and rock. Thanks Ted, Matt, Chris, and everyone!
  • Just a few more...
  • Forgot my tentacles where poseable. They have a much better line pointed out like my maquette than my first photos.
  • Here are some "Behind the Scene" images that show the under structure and the process, The lovely ladies you see in one of the shots is of my mom and sister who spent hours sewing the 46 elastics that held everything together LOL  Even though they had curved needles the next day they said their fingers were killing them...amateurs LOL

  • Hello all! I just wanted to touch base and let you know, that the work I'm seeing come in is absolutely fantastic. It's inspiring to me, to see the your hard work and creations come to life.
     I see that some projects are not completed. That's fine, as far as I'm concerned. As I said durning the live class at once, I will be looking at your method. How well you grasped the ideas presented and your execution. I do of course want to see all of your finished projects at some point. It is important that you finish. As artists we ALL know what its like to start a project... and then an other and so on, and not finish the last. I'm guilty as well :)
     As to when I'll be assessing your projects. Chris Vaughn is putting together a packet for me that consists of all of your work. I'm also prepping for my booth at Son Monsterpalooza!! So I'll be getting to your work after this coming weekend of Oct 11-13.

    My best to you all, Ted
  • Love the fact that people can finish and still get cert. Is there "special allowance" for those who finished on time? I ask because there are some aspects of my costume that I would have loved to spend more time on but couldn't because I thought we had to be done it the time specified.
  • Not sure this means there's an extention, Tom. Sounds like he's letting us know when it'll be graded.
  • There's no extension. Not beyond what was originally extended. Like I said, I will simply be "grading" by what I see. So if you haven't posted anything just because it's not done... POST IT!!!! I've done this long enough that I can tell if someone has the gist of what they are doing or not. I will give a bit more consideration to those costumes that are done, but not much more. I realize that this was a HUGE undertaking for everyone. And I am considering, for everyone, that this is not your full time job. You didn't have every waking hour of the day to commit to your projects.
                                BUT PLEASE FINISH NO MATTER WHAT OR WHEN!!!!
                                   I STILL WANT TO SEE THE FINISHED PROJECT!!
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