*Seeking Honest Feedback* 183 x 121cm "Bear-man" Painting combined with Sculpt & Animatronic Eyes

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Hi all,

This forum was made purely for the sake of gaining some feedback and giving my work some exposure - sharing would be very much appreciated :)! For your information I am currently 20 years old and consider myself an emerging artist. This "Bear-man" artwork was initially inspired loosely from the "Guardians" movie character but also wanted to try to make a relatively unique or rare concept. This artwork was done for a Uni assignment and combines a 1.83m H x 1.21m W canvas painting with select sculpted body parts/features. It also integrates Adafruit Snake Bonnet animatronic moving, blinking eyes. All feedback and perspectives are welcome and encouraged! 

"Bear-man" YouTube Video Link: https://youtu.be/64JYTlwwxVQ 

For those who take the time thanks for commenting on my post :)




  • Hi Duain,

    I really like how you are using the 3d elements to bring the creature out of the 2d painting and into the real world.  Cool concept!

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