need help for latex mask panting using fw inks.

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Hey there, I am currently doing a series of masks. I don't want use rubber cement paint anymore due to its toxicity. 
Im using, Prosaide, FW inks, and bloodlines 'blood red' paint.
The bloodline paint seems to be sticking to the Prosaide base, the FW ink is cracking and can rub off.

the steps I did were clean latex, brush and stipple on Prosaide, air brushed fw inks straight and with 70% alcohol. added some bloodline, stopped after i noticed cracking on the inks.

any advice, knowledge, or recommendations would be much appreciated, thanks for reading 



  • Hi Sean,

    My understanding is the inks will not have a binder or any base to them, so you would be getting a thin layer of pigment without any structure to hold it in place.  Have you tried mixing the inks with prosaide?  I normally only use inks on static props.

  • Hey Chris
     I have just primed the masks with prosaide then applied ink on top. I have not mixed it with prosaide yet, how do you go about that?

  • It's something you would want to test first, but you could try mixing the ink with prosaide, then apply it.  Or even just try sealing over the applied inks with prosaide.   The ink on its own will just form a film of color that will likely flake off easily.

  • interesting, what are FW inks ideal for then ? also ive been looking at createx paints with the adhesion promoter and one of their sealers. From Tim and Casey's Class. Would that be a good alternative for latex instead of rubber cement paint? 
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    FW inks on their own are ideal for static props, especially when they can be coated with a clear coat to help protect them.  You should be able to use them on flexible items like masks, but they should be sealed in place with a topcoat that to prevent them from cracking, flaking, or rubbing off.

    Createx paints are great for masks.

    Both of these lessons cover a lot of techniques for latex mask painting:

  • Great thanks Chris! for your responses appreciate it, time to get to work i suppose aha 
    take care!

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