*** The Creature Sculpting Contest Has Ended ***

The Creature Sculpting Contest is now closed for entries.
The winning entry will be announced on Friday, August 6th, 2021, so stay tuned!
Thank you all for sharing your creations with our community here at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts Forums. 
Please click the "Like" button on your favorite contest entries.  We take the community's reaction into consideration during the judging process.  Let your voices be heard!


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    edited August 2021
    Hi Hakeem,

    The contest entries are posted here on the forums, so the best way to show your support is to like or comment on them here, and we'll take that into consideration.


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    Thank you Stan Winston Studios for this exciting sculpting comp, especially in these crazy pandemic days!!!
    I have rushed against the July clock to get my 3 entries in on time, and loved the deadline!! 
    Do you have any more of these monthly competitions happening this year?
    Thanks kindly,

    Ben H
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    As Ben said, thanks for putting this on!  It inspired me to get some clay out and its great to see all the amazing entries! 
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