The unnamed monster

The Unnamed Monster

One of the most mysterious and scariest of the Welsh mythical creatures that appears in the First Branch of the Mabinogion.

On the same night every year, Teyrnon Twrf Liant, a mythic lord, has some foals stolen from him. One year, Teyrnon decide to see how he is losing his foals and hides in the barn with his animals and waits.

Eventually, a giant claw comes in through the stable window and tries to take a foal. Bravely, Teyrnon rushes at the claw and hacks at it with an axe until he chops it completely off. The creature releases a horrific scream and then flees unseen. The foal is safe. There is also a baby found within the hand of the monster.

We never get to see the creature, and so it is unnamed. Spooky!

This is my interpretation of the Unnamed monster of my Celtic roots .

I created her especially for this competition. While at on a retreat in Tenby near barbeth west Wales where a great deal of the Mabinogion ( Welsh mythological tails ) were formed .

Being on holiday I could only creat with what I had to hand so she was created with air dry dass clay and a variate of hand made and clay tools , but mostly my thumbs .

I would have used my monster clay if it had been available as it gives greater structure and stability and also allows for far greater definition .

However I was pleased with the way she turned out .

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