"Curse Of The Werewolf" action figure head sculpt

I'd love to say that the title says it all. But it doesn't. Certain 12" (1:6 scale) monsters were never released. So, I decided to make my own. (I made 2 other monsters, but I'm not revealing them because I may enter them in future contests.) In 2016, I decided I wanted a Curse of the Werewolf Action Figure. I sculpted the head out of Super Sculpey clay. But then made a mold of it using SmoothOn 20T silicone. I didn't want a hard resin head like HotToys or Sideshow, etc. I wanted the head to be soft, so I used pigments and made the head out of the same SmoothOn T-20. A clear silicone. I pigmented the flesh tone and pigmented the lips pink &  teeth off white. I did this by pouring the lips/teeth silicone into the head mold first. Then poured the flesh tone silicone over it. Needless to say, it took more than once to get this right. The end result is what you see. The facial tones are makeup, because I found out early on that you can't paint silicone. Nothing sticks to silicone, except silicone. So paint didn't work. Hence, having to use pigments. I'd also like to add, hair won't glue to silicone. Glue doesn't work on silicone either. So, I had to silicone on the hair as well. I also made the clothes too, although I know that's irrelevant. But the original head for this sculpt, is indeed made and sculpted from Super Sculpey. the project is now complete. .(Original make-up created by Roy Ashton.)

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