Stan was a man

Stan was one of my first creations .
he’s made from medium monster clay and was created during england first lockdown. 
I didn’t have many modelling tool then so he was created with a spoon handle, thumbs, tooth picks and others household implements that would fit the purpose I required . 
I worked on him for hours and he kept me sane my insertion with modelling had begun !!! 
Meet Stan . 
Stan was once a living man.
now he wonders the streets desperately trying to keep what’s left of his humanity 
unlike the others of his new bread . Stan only eats small creatures like rats and rabbits . 
Just enough life blood to keep him from morphing into a full blown Desmond of the dark .
when the virus came it swept through the male population reeking havick on man kind ( excuse the pun)
women and children were spared the endless torment of the creature world .
but despite being servivors  they now became the hunted .
As he walks the streets Stan find the remains of a group kill .
A female foot , he’s not eaten for weeks and his strength is sapping !! 
Surly the left overs of a kill wouldn’t be classed as his kill ? 
He debates for hours, then the pain of not feeding takes over and he begins to eat the rancid remains . It’s not long before the pain grips him and his body starts to rithe in pain . 
The morphasis  has begun !

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