The Ravager (Concept art for video game boss)

I developed this character for an independent video game project called 'Esperia'; this massive mechanical canine is actually a physical manifestation of the main character Adelaide's doubts and suppressed memories of a childhood trauma of witnessing her first beloved pet dog die in a car accident. (This game's setting is primarily within the unconscious mind of the main characters, similar to Psychonauts, but more adult.) Her guilt followers her into dreams, and she conquers this guilt plaguing her by defeating it from within herself. The way this boss is defeated is done by weakening it in 3 stages: The player has to whack ammo using their weapon and various debris around the room, much like a hockey stick or baseball bat, things such as randomly scurrying rats, spiders, pieces of trash and metal scrap, etc., into the large glass eye headlights, thereby cracking them 1 by 1. After you have shattered first one eyeball headlight and then the other, the Ravager will frantically paw at the air, and madly run amok all over the place, shooting lasers chaotically and stampeding in every direction (unlike before where its basic laser and charge attacks were easy to dodge and pretty simply patterned.) There is no further way to attack this beast directly, instead you must come to the realization it has to be lured into the direction of a massive fan spinning in the wall, and rushing into it will cause it to explode. This boss is the first 'serious' one that you encounter in this game and thus made to be short and sweet but still fun to play around yet intimidating looking enough to make one panic.

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