The Assassin - Experiment 18

edited April 2015 in Creature Contest

Experiment 18 is a proposed 3rd person action role playing video game set in the near future: the year 2075.  I am developing the game in conjunction with a writer, Blaise Jones.  We are creating a rich and engaging universe filled with various alien species and technologies.

An ever looming shadow of death, the Assassin is an imposing presence across the entire galaxy.  No known species matches the description of the assassin.  No registered drone patent matches it’s form and function.  No one even knows if the assassin is for hire, or simply kills at random.  All that is known is that if the assassin locks its eyes upon you, your death is soon to follow.

While designing the body of the assassin, I imagined him as a bird of prey with clipped wings.  

The Assassin’s armor is capable of changing color based on the surroundings. 

The armor had to hide the fact that the Assassin was human.

He is the perfect killing machine, an artificial human bred to serve it’s master, conditioned to kill without thought.

More work can be seen here:


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