This was my second Sculpture which isn't complete as I intend to use mix media to finish it, but also wanted to add him to this comp as i am really happy with how he has progressed.


Narok the battle ready Alchemist is a force to be reckoned with. His raw strength and appearance generally turn others away and for good reason. Narok is not one for talking much, he finds no need for conversation unless it’s absolutely imperative and with an additional darkness lurking on the surface, you may get more than you bargained for. His silent nature shouldn't be taken as a sign of lack intelligence as its quite the opposite, he's a self taught hunter and Alchemist with the blood of a pure breed, someone you do not take for a fool.


His father was an esteemed noble chief and a member of the higher council.. His mother a well known Harlot living in Quarrels Nest, a place for the corrupt, rich and powerful. Reputation is something of importance in this part of the world so the birth of Narok could be nothing more than a well kept secret. His Mother abandoned him at a young age in the lower caverns of the city, a dark and dangerous place in direct connection with the cities sewers (a place even the scummiest wretched beings rarely venture) where you either adapt or die. Having access to all of the cities lower caverns provided an abundance of materials (you would be surprised what the rich discard of) to create a montage of weapons and equipment to aid in survival and hunting. The conditions below were vile, food was found in creatures of different sizes and strengths and predominately poisonous. Naroks keen interest in Alchemy would serve him well in creating antidotes and bio weapons but his main focus would be on finding a cure for Leviathans disease, a rare parasite that would take over the hosts body and ultimately consume it. Also known as krakens rot but so barely seen it borders myth. 


Narok carries with him an inscribed hand crafted capsule which legend says contains his mothers heart that was taken from her whilst still beating and sealed with magic to confuse the parasite in its choice of host. 


Narok would eventually leave Quarrels Nest and find his way into piracy, he had little care for status but would soon become infamous for his straight to the point approach and barbaric strength. Many wouldn't accommodate for fear of the disease or of Narok himself, those who did wouldn't regret it. 

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