Muralave, The kaiju from another demension

Accidentally brought to our world when scientist were conducting tests with a portal that might one day give us the chance to jump to different dimensions. But when conducting the first full test, a malfunction occurred which brought the monster (dubbed as Muralave) into our world which escaped from the lab and began going on a rampage.

Thick armor skin
Sails on his back which can act like shurikens
Shoots a crystal like corona beam out of the sail on his head (though it is due to our environment being different from Muralave)

Has three tails:
  1. First tail is a scepter that shows energy projectiles with devastating results
  2. Second tail acts as a shield, spear and what controls the sail shurikens that launch out of his back. It is Muralave's most crucial tail of them all.
  3. Third tail is a melee weapon can slash through anything
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