King Covid - Made during the lockdown - Creature Sculpting Contest 2021 entry 3

I started this character as a way to express my emotions during the initial lockdown in March 2020. It was a rough time for a lot of people and I needed something to focus on. I admit, it's not finished, mainly because I haven't had any time for several months to do sculpting :(

I wanted to explore the idea of what a Covid 19 virus character might look like and began with a humanoid form. Because of it's potency, I decided it should be King of the Viruses. Hence the name King Covid.

I decided that, because the virus attacks the lungs in the most severe cases, I should probably do something horrible with that area of the body. I then added some tech, because I like tech, and also because the creature still needs to breathe even with messed-up lungs. My original idea was to have it wearing a face mask, or gas mask, to signify the airborne nature of the virus, but then I realised this made no sense if the character was the cause of the virus or the virus itself personified. I included a photo of the mask anyway because I'm quite proud of it!  The head has 19 of the spike things that are present on the virus on a micro level. 

I will get around to finishing it one day soon. But it really helped me through some dark times, and helped me to visualise the virus in some strange way, which helped with my anxiety at the time. 

1/6th scale - Monster Clay Grey. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe! 

PS - GET VACCINATED or King Covid might pay you a visit. 

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