Orca of Nature

When you are out walking about and come across a hill, have you ever pondered upon the fact that it may not just be a assemblage of earth and rock overgrown by nature? Have you ever questioned that it might be something entirely else? Maybe even a dormant whale that over the years slowly has been covered by flowers, shrubs, trees and other greenery. Then how did it get there, you might ask. Easy. It swam. Through the air. For whom decided that it is only possible to swim in water? No one these orcas listen to anyway.
    The nature orcas were once ordinary whales, but one day they became curious about the sky and simply decided to leave their seas. And they have never once regret it. Now they live in both sea and sky, unbound and free. However, swimming through the air is more exausting than underwater as air is thinner, so the orcas occasionally land on the ground and go dormant for a few hundred years while their strenght return. This is when nature slowly takes over, covering them so that they eventually cant be discerned. When the orcas awaken again, fully rested, they once more take to the heavens looking like fantastic floating islands. Seeing a nature orca sail across the sky is an unforgettable sight that I wish everyone could experience at some point.
So the next time you pass a hill or climb a height think about what you now know, that it may not be "just a piece of ordinary nature" - because under the layers of moss and roots there may very well be something else, something slumbering in wait to one day wake up and return to the sky.🌳🐋🌟

Me and my Art:
My name is Linda aka Ecaron Arts and this here is my Orca of Nature. Nature and animals has always been a big, important part of my life, its there and with them I feel the most at home and from where I get a lot of my inspiration. With this piece I wanted to create something that show our precious planets life, show the harmony in wich animals and nature co-excist and how beautiful it is. Something we need to protect. 

I made this guy completely out of the polymer clay Super Sculpey (except the eyes that are beads). I first made a base out of tin foil and then sculpted over that. Everything is made by hand, the tiny foliage proving to be a real challenge both for my fingers and patience haha. After baked I then painted him with acrylics. The orca itself also has a glossy coat to look wet like a real orca coming out of the water and with the help of an acrylic rod he "float" in the air above a wooden, nature gown plaque. The sculpture stand 37cm tall (14.6 inches) and 25cm long (9.8 inches). 

Thank you for having a look!

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