Behemoth of the depths (Pliosaurus)

I created this Pliosaurus after an scientific accurate skeleton and put it in a dynamic looking posture. I wanted to let it look that it just jumped out of the deep ocean to grab a snack. The sculpt of the Pliosaurus is done, while the base of the ocean is half finished. I would add more waves and splashes. Also some water flowing from the Pliosaurus‘ body will be added. The figure is made with air drying clay and colored with acrylic paint. The water was created with loads of epoxy resin. Thank you very much for visiting. I am sorry for the poor photography. 


Hello and thank you very much for coming by. I discovered the joy of sculpting about two years ago. I used to draw only pictures until I found out that there is a „ next step“ of bringing my visions and imagination to life with sculpting. The conversion from 2D to 3D was a big deal, as I faced new challenges, but also new possibilities to let my creativity flow freely. Over the years I learned a lot but there is still way up and I hope to get there one day. I would like to present three different figures I made with common air drying clay. First I prepared some sketches, then made a skeleton and giving it volume around it. Finally I colored and textured the figures with acrylic paint. Mostly I also make dioramas or a base, that come with my figures. It was a long procedure full of trials and errors and creative ways of fixing these issues. Thank you very much for reading. 

(Instagram: creatosaurus_art)

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