Fish for supper (Suchomimus & prey)

I used an accurate paleontology book as a reference and scaled it up. Suchomimus is made of air drying clay and painted with acrylic colors. The base shows the prey of the Suchomimus in a costal environment. The water is made with hardening silicone. The tiny teeth were made of toothpicks while the saliva is made of crafting glue. Thank you very much for visiting. I am sorry for the poor photography. 


Hello and thank you very much for coming by. I discovered the joy of sculpting about two years ago. I used to draw only pictures until I found out that there is a „ next step“ of bringing my visions and imagination to life with sculpting. The conversion from 2D to 3D was a big deal, as I faced new challenges, but also new possibilities to let my creativity flow freely. Over the years I learned a lot but there is still way up and I hope to get there one day. I would like to present three different figures I made with common air drying clay. First I prepared some sketches, then made a skeleton and giving it volume around it. Finally I colored and textured the figures with acrylic paint. Mostly I also make dioramas or a base, that come with my figures. It was a long procedure full of trials and errors and creative ways of fixing these issues. Thank you very much for reading. 

(Instagram: creatosaurus_art)

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