In The Meantime...

hey guys,

while we're in waiting mode, I just wanted to post up what I've been working on as of late. What are you guys currently working on?


  • thats awesome how dynamic it looks. I am currently working on a background for one of my character designs, I'll post it up once I get a bit more into it

  • @Tomasi this film noir look is really cool, man! I'm currently working on a series of Batman's rogue gallery concepts. I'll be posting something soon.
  • That's awesome, I like the perspective and camera angle really cool!
  • Wait, is that Die Hard?
  • yeah, I saw it here @ work during lunch and was like OOOH SNAP love that movie, so I threw down a quick sketch
  • I was hoping someone would recognize it from the "Nakatomi" I threw on the side haha
  • That's how I recognized it actually - the "Nakatomi" plaza haha! Well done, Tomasi! :)
  • Actually, that'd be kind of a cool challenge for us... sketch out our favorite scenes in an action movie that we love, and see if others can guess it. Also, the scene should be from a recognizable angle, but changed just a little bit somehow, like an additional portion of the scene has been added or whatever.

  • That's a cool idea.
  • Let's do it. How about a deadline for next friday people?
  • Oooh, sure! Next Friday, an action scene from a fave movie, it could be from The Sandlot to Amores Perros to Dumb and Dumber to Pulp Fiction... the goal is to sketch a familiar scene that you love from your fave movie, from a familiar angle, but with a little touch of your own flavor to it, it can be as subtle or as overt as you want.

    OUR GOAL is to guess which movie it came from!

    Due date: Next Friday.

    GO GO GO!!
  • Yeah defo down for that... good idea peeps...

    Even though it a sketch... bonus points will go to anyone who can use some of the techniques taught in the course!!
  • YES! Most definitely that! Dan LuVisi techniques are a plus!
  • Ok people! Let's do it !
  • wait, THIS COMING Friday, or next week Friday? I vote this COMING Friday so we could see how fast we can whip out some brilliance!
  • Lol, I know I don't have the time to make it for THIS friday ...
  • mkay, Next Friday it is!
  • Same here, Tomasi. This coming Friday sounds impossible to me lol.
  • OK this has nothing to do with the wee challenge we have set ourselves... but this what I been working on today... started off from a sketch i did about 5 yrs ago... coloured it this where I am up to... Alot to do, going to add a pretty spooky background, both characters need a lot of work and I am gonna add roller skates to the chick ( but gonna keep them a bit looser and not as polished as the piece i did for the course) let me know what use think..
  • It's pretty good so far, is it just a Halloween themed piece?
  • Does anyone know if it's ok to post our final stuff on deviantart?
  • Tomasi AkimetaTomasi Akimeta ✭✭✭
    edited September 2013
    I did, so did Mony. In fact, we both referenced Dan, LMS, SWSCA and what our finals were about.

    Here's Mony's post

    Here's mine
  • Ah, cool. Thanks! :D
    I wonder how much longer we have to wait for the verdicts...?
  • I think it might be up to the teacher of the course. I looked at the other workshop forum posts and the Final Critiques for the Creature Maquette Sculpting course just got their critiques earlier this week with August 9th being their due date. With the Creature Maquette Painting course, August 16th was their due date, but they have yet to receive any critiques from it (at least that's what I assumed since the most recent post was made on September 16th asking when their final critique would be given).

    I wonder if it's a combination of instructor critique/ SWSCA certificate awarding procedures? Maybe Chris can let us know?
  • Ah, ok. Thanks for that info. I didn't expect it to take that long, and was wondering if anything's wrong. But if that's how long it is normally, then it is what it is :)
  • So the group and I just had a huge FB pow-wow, and Mony managed to find out that we're literally just waiting for Dan to sign the certificates before the critiques get sent out. So, hopefully a day turn-around and we're good for grading! w00t!
  • Woot! I just got mine! :D
  • Right on, grats!
  • I just got mine, too. w00t!
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