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  • Hi,

    Some of us are trying to get a Google Hangout thing going. If we can manage to get any progress uploaded for the week's lesson maybe we can set a time mid week so that Don could possibly jump in for some nudging/critiquing. It would give us that chance to implement suggestions for a quicker recap of that particular lesson. 

    That way we're not using up so much of the scheduled class time which will give Don more breathing room for the actual lesson for that day. Seeing Don review others work is definitely helpful and insightful for everyone. It might also give us that bit of time to help us soak it in to be able to formulate some questions or comments while in the moment.

    Just a thought.

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    I did have a thought about the class structure. Some of us need to drop off a bit before class ends, and in my case I had to run to another class before the lesson even started. Would it be possible to flip the instruction portion first then hit the critiques? If we did have to leave early we could let Don know and he could critique ours first or we could catch his critique during the session recording. Placing the instruction first would also ease the stress of needing the session recordings posted as soon as possible to keep caught up.

    As for Google Hangout, I'm not sure about asking for any more of Don's time that he's already giving, he's been crazy generous as it is, but if he dropped in on our hangouts that would be a nice surprise. I'm not sure if I'd have anything ready for a proper critique, but even just a babble would always be welcome.

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  • I didn't mean for it to sound like I was asking for a mandatory drop in for review. If Don had the time and wanted to just chat some more, that'd be great. He spends enough extra time on Saturday. It was intended as more of a chance thing, if he really had some direction in case we were going off course.

    Sometimes we all need to be nudged back on track before going a couple miles down the wrong way. And Don himself was the one who said he'd be available if we needed him.

    I'd much prefer to just shoot the breeze but there's nothing wrong with getting a pointer or 2 while in progress.
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    I think some of us are getting a little lost where to place our assignments (I did a little today as well), and as the threads start piling up it may become more of a challenge in the weeks to come. Some blogs have the ability to pin important threads to the very top of the list which should help, or possibly making the title of the post easy to spot. Something as simple as:

    Assignment 2 -  EYES

    It may also help to post the video recaps in a separate thread from the homework. Possibly even grouping the video recaps under one thread that will be updated weekly.
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    Thanks for the feedback David. I will talk to the dev team about it.

  • All great suggestions guys! We'll do our best !
  • David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
    Topic Suggestion - Sculpting Cloth/Folds in Chavant. I'm hoping there are a few sneaky secrets.
  • Are you guys planning to keep the forum open to students after class ends? Possibly expanding the forum to an alumini section where all previous students of a SWSCA class can mingle/network? If not, would you consider starting a Facebook group for alumni?
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