Zombie and Junkie Teeth

Hello! I have done this project with great enthusiasm, I have taken it as a personal project, since I have never made a overlapping teeth. During the process I did make a mold of the teeth in plaster, I gave form with Chavant clay, I did make a mold for the silicone sculpture, I have made it with dental acrylic, I rectified it and painted it.
When I finally got the acrylic teeth, they didn't fit on my face since I put less volume than I should. It has been an attempt and a new experience to rectify. In the future I will do them again, you can follow me on Instagram to see my works: @cristinacanofx on Instagram.
As references above all I have checked some zombies made in The Walking Dead, the effects were made by KNB Group and teeth made by Rob Hinderstein (rob_hinderstein on Instagram).
The other junkie vampire teeth I have made in the same way, only in this case I have used references from people with dental problems caused by drugs.
I hope you like what I did. I would like to receive your opinions and ideas to improve my work! Greetings, Cristina.

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