Zombie and Junkie Teeth

Hello! I have done this project with great enthusiasm, I have taken it as a personal project, since I have never made a overlapping teeth. During the process I did make a mold of the teeth in plaster, I gave form with Chavant clay, I did make a mold for the silicone sculpture, I have made it with dental acrylic, I rectified it and painted it.
When I finally got the acrylic teeth, they didn't fit on my face since I put less volume than I should. It has been an attempt and a new experience to rectify. In the future I will do them again, you can follow me on Instagram to see my works: @cristinacanofx on Instagram.
As references above all I have checked some zombies made in The Walking Dead, the effects were made by KNB Group and teeth made by Rob Hinderstein (rob_hinderstein on Instagram).
The other junkie vampire teeth I have made in the same way, only in this case I have used references from people with dental problems caused by drugs.
I hope you like what I did. I would like to receive your opinions and ideas to improve my work! Greetings, Cristina.


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    Awesome work, those are some gnarly chompers! 

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    These look amazing!! :) I've been dying to try and make some teeth like this to go on behind a prosthetic, I've used thermo plastic beads melted down to form around my teeth and then just adding more on top of that until they came out and over my lip but it's such a pain and not comfortable at all. Definitely gonna have to try this way next time! 
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