Zombie Ants (Cordyceps fungus)

Made using aluminum wire, foil, super sculpey

Here are my zombie ants/cordyceps fungus.
This is a simple Sculpture piece that was inspired by one of the many horrifying things happening around us everyday..some right underneath our feet! Almost seems like something out if a sci Fi movie. There is so much inspiration to be taken from nature and in this case...insects and fungus. Cordyceps fungus is a fungus that thrives by infecting it's unsuspecting victims (ants., Etc.), Its infection starts by the ant stepping on a surface with said fungus. The fungus then invades its inner body through the bloodstream. The ant continues it's normal life while the fungus continues to grow up to half it's body mass. Once the fungus is ready to "flower" or burst out of the ant like an alien. For reasons unknown to science...it sends a message to the ants brain that tells it to climb up a leaf (this secures survival for the fungus), the ant then clenches it's jaw right before death..at that point the fungus bursts through the ants body and brain. And new spores grow all around. Leaving new fungus behind that new ants will step on and this zombie infection starts all over again. 

For my piece I have two ants. On a leaf that have reached the point of death. There is small fungus around leaf. And the fungus bursting through the ants. I added teeth and "drool" on my fungus creature for added fun. This of coarse is something the fungus does not have in real life. But in my version the fungus is most definitely a silent, flesh eating invader. :)
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