Salticere Creature Sculpt - Experiment 18 OC

Salticere are an extremely intelligent & curious species they are very technically minded and are able to manipulate mechanical devices to a degree higher than most other species.

Having evolved on a planet with extremely dense vegitation this species developed several jointed appendages to both maneuver & hunt in the lush forest of their world. Each of these appendages has sensory organs and a rudimentary brain, allowing the salticere to focus on multiple tasks at once. The limbs ‘sprout’ from the shell, similar to snail eyestalks. once deployed they can form into a variety of different shapes.  By changing the shapes of their limbs they can also mimic other species.

This is supposed to be a friendly and curious species, so I wanted a mix of creepy and cute.  I used jumping spiders as my initial inspiration. Sculpted  and painted in Zbrush and rendered in keyshot!


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    Adorable and disturbing at the same time. I like all your creature designs. Very original. You always thought of a reason why the body is designed like that. Great! 
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    The glow in the dark parts are so incredible. They show so much more depth than you would assume possible
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