Hey, my name's Thomas. I've been sculpting for a few years now, dabbling with Chavant and Monster Clay and I think I've definitely come a long way since I began. 
So before I talk about this guy, I need to say that I sculpt monsters because of my lifelong love for 80s movie creatures and my dream to create my own through the same classic techniques.
I've been meaning to sculpt this design for a while and now I've had the chance. A lot has been getting in the way, hence the slightly unfinished leg. I simply couldn't get the time so I have to post as is I'm afraid.
The concept for this design was an early one for a Sci-Fi/Horror project I'm currently writing and hope to film soon. I plan to make more maquettes when I can square enough away, but for now, I'm so glad to get this guy out of the way. I'm rather delighted with how he came out, despite it being of a prototype creature design.
They have a proper name now, which I hope is ok keeping to myself for now, but you can all know him by his draft name, Globule!
Hope you guys like them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWbx6sqMGI8 !


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