Caexephon, The Cold

The Eternal One. Eldest God to that which devours light. Founding member of The Natural Order. Enemy of those who threaten the boundaries of existence. Made this planet their home before the presence of breathable air. Can single-handedly terraform any inhospitable rock with enough mass to accommodate an atmosphere due to its ability to absorb photons and emit nitrogen. Can survive the vacuum of space, crushing sea depths, and super-heated volcanic vents. Uses all manner of forest detritus to assume a form more pleasing to human eyes, though its form limits can never be truly defined, as others similar have been reported to swallow entire planets with ease. Neither malevolent nor benevolent, it is highly territorial, and will devour those who stand in its way, or threaten its creations, which includes every living Chlorophite on this planet.

Polymer clay, acrylic paint, beach glass, moss, lichens.

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