Primitive Alien Creation


I'm Clémence Lefèvre, I'm 24 years old and I'm from France. I'm working hard and I'm training for FX since I left Gorton Studio in 2020 where I created my first big sculpture : Primitive Alien.

He's made of silicone with an armature. I was inspired by so many artist and creations. But I wanted to add more dangerous and primitive feelings, like the xenomorph. I'm fascinated by the aspect of a blind and savage creature, that's why teeth were created based on bear's, horns are hard like rhino's, with a little bit of dinosaur's style. His skin is thick but sometimes flexible so he can move and eat. 

He's covered by his history, one of his horns are broken and there are different sorts of scars, which are in fact some holes, the skin being broken like wood.

I'm really proud of this first creation. This was possible thanks to so many people in Gorton Studio. 

Thanks you for interest, 
I hope you'll like it ❤️
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