Tamula the Warrior Princess. 2021 Creature Sculpting Contest.

Tamula, the reptilian warrior princess. I began this maquette with a completely different idea in mind, and given the fact I had accidentally made the armature much thicker than I initially intended, I had to sort of design/conceptualize the character as I went along. I began with a galvanized steel wire and aluminum foil armature and then built up and detailed the character with Super Sculpey. After baking and painting the figure with acrylic paints, I sealed both the figure and the wooden base with acrylic medium. I incorporated acrylic medium-treated moss and loose tea leaves on top of air dry clay for the base's surrounding foliage and swamp mud. Unfortunately, due to the underwhelming height of my kitchen oven I did not include her feet (hence why she's trekking through a swamp). I also secured the figure to the wooden base using super glue. In her right hand she holds a jagged obsidian blade. She is wearing a  sculpted "leather" costume inelegantly constructed and painted to appear distressed and worn. Please feel free to leave feedback, any insight as to how I could improve for my next project would be much appreciated! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @redherringcreations and @ryanpartridgeart. Thank you for your consideration.

Height is 11.5 inches
Width is approximately 8.5 inches

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