predator suit

hello  i would like to know if i can get a predator suit or a terminator suit  for my personal use    i ride a motorcycle a 2017 M109R to be exact and i would like to ride as a predator or terminator  please if any1 knows let me know thanks


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    i have the same bike
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    Hi Troy,

    You might be able to find an artist to build such a suit for you, either locally or online.  Predator suits and costumes can often be found on Ebay or Etsy.  You can also look up artists on Instagram.

    For the purposes of riding on a motorcycle, some costumes/masks/helmets may not be practical or legal based on helmet laws, visibility, and mobility.  You may want to look into having a legal motorcycle helmet modified aesthetically to look predator-like.

    If you search for "Predator motorcycle helmet" on Etsy you will find such custom helmets.  Some are even DOT & ECE certified.

    Best of luck!

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