Goji-kun by Zavellart

Hello! I've got something a little different for the contest... he's more of a cute character rather than a creature and he's really simple so I don't know if he'll stack up to some of these awesome creepy and detailed entries, but this is what I've made so far and I hope you like him!
Meet Goji-kun; he's sassy, fabulous and always optimistic. He's an original character in a world I'm creating known as Chibi Kaiju, which is like Toy Story meets Godzilla with Southpark humor and an anime flair. Goji is a fierce guardian deity with an indomitable spirit; Even in the face of darkness and destruction, everything is rainbows and unicorns to him.
Introducing, the "Optimystic mythical mascot" ...
He's a concept maquette made of Sculpey Premo. Incidentally I learned how much I actually love Sculpey on this project! It might be my new favorite clay. I always struggled for years to gain full control over Sculpey, so I've gravitated more towards Monster Clay. This time I figured out a few new tricks that really helped me not get any cracking, and get a very smooth finish to where it looks like it could be resin or vinyl.
I actually would like some feedback on his horn. I've asked friends and family and they're split about evenly. The horn pictured above is a more lollipop looking horn to match his belly; these were made using polymer clay caning technique. The other horn pictured below is a more simplistic toy style; I like how the rainbow pattern continues from the horn into the heart spines.
So this one? ...

... or this one?

If I have time, I'm going to make something more creature-like, but I hope you guys enjoy him and he's a bit of a reprieve from all the creepy, grotesque (and awesome) creatures here!
Thank you for your consideration ! ^_^
-Adam and Goji-kun


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