Long John Zilla (WIP Kaiju Suit)

So I've come up with a LOT of crazy concepts but one of my nuttiest is a series within my original puppet series: The Adventures of Long John Zilla. A 1950's inspired fictional pirate show with Pirate Kaiju Monsters. Long John Zilla is obviously a mix of Godzilla and Long John Silver. I have never made a cosplay/costume before. I mainly build puppets. So I did A LOT of research, from here and other resources. Its not done yet. I still need to make his waistcoat, claws, boot and somehow a peg leg. Here's some WIP images. The hardest part by far was the head. I sculpted it out of WED clay, molded and casted in latex then painted, trimmed etc. The hat was bought but modified with gold trim and a feather. I plan to take this to a local convention in august and shoot some short films with ol' Long John. I Even had the idea for a Rodan like creature on his shoulder thats a working puppet, but I'm not sure I have time to build it. This is a fun challenging build and I'm learning new skills to add to my repitiore. I'll be posting updates as I go.


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