American Werewolf in London wip

Always wanted to make my favorite werewolf ever in movies. So I put together this mask! I thought I was happy with it but I realized I didn’t make it wide enough face-wise so I edited it recently. I need to further touch up the paint on the cheek area that I covered in freeform air sculpt . I keep getting a dark color on it and I need it to be lighter. But I’ll get there. The hood is a huuuuuge chunk of very stretchy nft fur! For when I make a body puppet/ full costume!  The face was fabricated otherwise with fleece and painted. The base was a character base I had and edited. And also a jaw set I edited to match this character better. Here is the first finalization. Below it is the edits so far 


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    Nice!  Really captures the look and feel of the original character!

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