Gill dude mask … or?

Heya! My name is Crystal Grant . I create animal masks for a living with silicone molds and plastic resin bases, but I started out inspired by practical effect movie monsters. Predator, alien, planet of the apes, old universal monsters, and more! 
Here is my second attempt at making a latex mask design working with WED clay inspired by Universal studio’s “creature from the black lagoon”  Sadly… my plaster molding skills are greatly lacking and I nearly lost the entire sculpt in the broken mold. Lessons learned. I managed to salvage and patch up the front half to get a mostly ok cast and make a wall hang “faux trophy” bust! Boy could I use some tutorials haha. 
The bust is cast in latex and painted with latex and createx inks! I painted some eyes on the inside of Christmas bulb domes for that extra fun fish monster look! Just need to get it on a wall plaque! Thank you so much for looking!


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