Azmodan, Lord of Sin

Herewith my entry for the Creature Sculpting Contest 2021:
Diablo 3's Act III Boss, Azmodan, the Lord of Sin.
Based on the original concept design by Vic Lee, Bernie Kang and digital sculpt by Alvaro Buendia (Blizzard Entertainment)

The figure was sculpted in MonsterClay Hard, combined with nails/teeth from Super Sculpey and the armor was digital sculpted and printed after I decided the clay sculpt of the armor was not to my liking.

I Started this model 3 years ago doing this to learn something new. This is my second sculpture and my first using an oil based clay.

The clay model was molded into silicon molds by De Mallenmaken (in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and then casted into a resin copy by Coodre (also Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

I painted the model using both my 2 airbrushes and regular brushes.

I must say, I learned a lot! and enjoyed every single step on the road! 

Love to hear your opinion! 


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