Minotaur Warrior

Hi!! This is my first sculpture and it is an original design.
I wanted to make some mythological warrior and I choose a minotaur. Since he´s a warrior I decided to make a strong and fierce character.
This is my first sculpture and I know it's not perfect, but I'm pretty excited to show it here because I'm really happy with the results!
I am open to opinions on how to do it better! :)


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    edited July 2021
    Looks awesome! I like all the little details and texturing with the fur. Are those tiny metal pins holding those leather belts together on the back to the left of the tail? or just an excellent use of shadows?
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    @Lotek514 Hi! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!  :)
    I wanted that to look like metal pins, but they're the same material as the rest of the minotaur.
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    Chuzo de trabajo! Excelente ver a una tica por acá participando. 
    Si pudiera decirle algo sería arreglar detalles y seguir practicando, porque está muy bien. La textura de la falda está genial.
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    Really great character design! His back is sculpted very well! Beautiful job!
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    Hola @Fabi Gg! Mil gracias por los comentarios. Esa es la idea, seguir mejorando y arreglando esos detalles.

    Thank you so much, @Ryan Partridge! I really appreciate your comment!
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