The Stalker

For this contest I wanted to try designing my own monster. Growing up on monster movies, it was hard to decide what kind of creature I wanted to make because there are so many classics to pull inspiration from. So I just grabbed some wire and clay and mindlessly sculpt. I started with some long forearms, something I've seen a lot of newer monster have been enjoying. leaving the head a stub, I focused on making disturbingly long limbs that felt like something only a puppet would have. Originally I was thinking of having a traditional crocodilian style head. yet in the end I thought that having the creature slide a skull like mouth from its neck like the sandworm from beetle juice would be a lot more fun. For the tail I thought a cat like skeleton tail would compliment the face skull but in the end I went for a more simplistic but fleshy tail. 

In the end I'm really happy with how my monster looks, and sculpting freely and letting my mind wander was tons of fun. Its definitely something ill have to try again when I have free time. Like many of my sculpts, I couldn't resist not recording the process: https://youtu.be/Uvim1vvD_JQ 
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